Barbara Brouse Photo Album

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Videoclip of Barbara defending an unusual Scrabble word (moa)

Barbara Jean Brouse (1932~2005)

Barbara at Susan and David's wedding party (2003)

Barbara at the cottage

Christmas at Terance and Andrea's place. Dec. 2004. Cléo, Gillian, Charlotte, Paul and Barbara.

Baby Barbara with father and brother Donald (India)

Barbara at the cottage, canoeing with little Terance. The best summers of her life.

Barbara in Mexico (with Gillian).

Lake Rosseau boating (1969) Susan, Terance and Gillian with Barbara in the background.

Test photos for Eatons advertising campaign (Gillian, Barbara and Susan)

Barbara and her clan (Andew, Gillian, Barbara, Terance, and Susan)

Barbara with her beloved "Dolly"

Barbara and brother Donald (India)

Barbara and her Ayah (India)

Baby Barbara with father and brother Donald (India)

Barbara visits her children at Camp.

Barbara gets a big hug from Terance at Camp.

Barbara paddles at the cottage (bw version).

Barbara's clan in Vancouver. Susan and David's wedding party (2003)

Mema and baby Charlotte (2002)

Mema and baby Charlotte in Ottawa (2003)

Little Barbara's class photo composite (Ireland, 1939)

Mema, Gillian and Charlotte at Wakefield cottage (2003)

Official Abra Taylor Bio photo

Abra Taylor author bio from Hold Back the Night

Little Barbara's and her brother Donald (India)

Graduation photo from U of T

Barbara's family in British India

Cover of Hold Back the Night (Abra Taylor)

Cover of River of Desire (Abra Taylor)

Barbara's father Dr. Andrew Copeland Taylor, OBE

Baby Barbara and her number one man.

Mema and baby Charlotte (2003)

Fishing with father and Donald.

Gillian, Danielle, Stephanie and Barbara (Toronto, 1999)

Young mother Barbara with the twins (Susan/ Gillian), little Andrew and Grandad Brouse.

Barbara and Gillian at Champlain Lookout (Ottawa 1998)

Little Barbara in India.

Barbara, Andrew and Gillian with Ottawa River Inuksuk art (Ottawa 2001)

Barbara and newborn Charlotte (2002)

Abra Taylor photo from Financial Post article (in her office)

Abra Taylor photo (second) from Financial Post article

Prototype cover of Dolly, a book of childhood memories by Barbara Brouse (not yet published)

Prototype cover of The Drumming, a book of early memories of life in India, by Barbara Brouse (not yet published)

Promotional flyer for End of Innocence.

Promotional flyer for End of Innocence (back)

Article in Financial Post.

Promotional booklet for End of Innocence.

Promotional booklet for End of Innocence (page 2)

Barbara's passport

Barbara and friend (India)

Young mother Barbara and Andrew.

On the beach (Mexico)

Barbara in BC.

Gillian, Susan and Barbara on Rideau Canal (Ottawa)

Danielle, baby Stefanie and Barbara.

Gillian, Barbara and Susan share a giggle.

Gillian, Charlotte, Aunt Eleanor and Barbara (2003)

Barbara and Francis (Halloween)

Barbara and iguana (Mexico)

Barbara with Oliver

Barbara with baby Stefanie (Christmas)

Barbara with Susan (Winterlude, Ottawa)

Barbara (U of T)

Barbara (right) with brother Donald.

Barbara and Gillian in Ottawa (1989)

Barbara white water rafting in BC. Early 90s.

Barbara (U of T)

Barbara (U of T)

Barbara (left) working on a committee project (U of T)

Barbara with her father Andrew in 1993.

Playing Scrabble in Ottawa (1998)

Charlotte, Susan and Stephanie at the funeral service (Feb. 27, 2005)

Self portrait by Barbara

Barbara's family. (Gillian & Paul's wedding, 1997)

Barbara receives a twin-kiss from Susan and Gillian (1997)

Barbara at Maplelawn Garden (1997)

Sue with Barbara (1997)

Mema and Stephanie

A proud mother with son Andrew on graduation day.

Barbara the Bridge player

Young mother Barbara.

Barbara (Abra Taylor) Brouse.

Donald and Barbara in India.

Young Barbara

Barbara parties in Mexico.

Doctor Taylor and his dear little Barbara

Young mother Barbara on Mother's Day (1964)

Fun at the beach (Barbara is second from the left)

Composite of class photo (Ireland)

Barbara with Father and brother Donald in India.

Barbara's passport (born in Indore)